Watch Out, Roman Occupiers! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 15

That is quite an acute observation by Latho in panel six.

Since this wasn’t a standard magical-girl-type-transformation, but rather a drug-induced acquisition of super-powers (doping, for short), I decided to forego the standard magical-girl-type-transformation-sequence for something more fitting – in this case, a transformation sequence “heavily inspired by” (ripped-off from, for short) the Asterix comic books. The Asterix-style transformation is also induced by a liquid drug concoction, so I thought it would lend itself quite readily to illustrating the effect such highly concentrated, super-strong coffee would have on a person. And it did…but, in spite of its Western roots, it did not get me out of the need for some censorship. ._. The problem is that Western-style transformation usually don’t alter the subject’s clothing (or lack of it, in this case) – apparently, Western artists feel that that’s too hard to explain in the context of a drug experience (At least from a 3rd person POV – the subject of a drug experience might well wake up in an outfit that’s quite different from the one they wore before, without any explanation). But I guess you can defend it – since Celtic warriors are reported to have fought in the nude at times*. Wait, am I stretching the analogies now?

For the very keen eye, the third panel also belies some external inspiration – also drawn from a Western cultural context. For the less keen eye, it only leaves a question why Latho is suddenly dressed like that… especially since panel six seems to indicate that it’s not very cold… at least not could enough to stop Celtic warriors from fighting in the nude. Ah, I guess all of this wasn’t very thoroughly planned out by me.

But the key elements worked out: by making haste, Latho arrives in time to have a lot of it to spare…as was predictable, but it’s just more B-movieish to have the truck take the corner like this, rather than in a more relaxed and civilized fashion. And after arriving in time, Latho administers his espresso, reviving our heroes (starting with Gregory) in the nick of time. A rather extensive nick of time, perhaps, but a nick of time nonetheless. It’s not like there’s a strict definition of ‘nick’. >_>

More on Monday.

* As did Greek warriors at times, but their climate lends itself more naturally to that sort of thing…

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  1. That’s why you paint yourself blue before battle, so the enemy can’t see how cold you are…

    1. Yeah, that always was my theory about the nature of Pictish body painting, as well. A combination of the local climate and a habit of fighting nude or nearly nude would naturally give their skin a light-blue shade – which would, in turn, create a camouflage effect in combination with the darker-blue patterns. XD

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