Well, If Humans Drink Monster Energy, Wouldn’t It Be Logical… – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 16

Ah, that was a serious mistake by Latho – despite all its experience, it’s apparently not genre-savvy enough to know that being smug and cocksure hardly ever works out in fiction. It basically never works out for the good guys, and for the bad guys it works great – but only until it really matters: at the end. By being so full of itself, Latho pretty much challenged the fates, and those ladies are known to cherish challenges…

And their riposte seems quite decisive. You might have seen Monster Energy at work, but that’s nothing compared to human energy. The pyramids, the Great Wall of China…the Great Pacific Garbage Patch…São Paulo…the World Wars…the Cawker City Ball of Twine…Novosibirsk…the list goes on and on. You can rarely commend humans for the goals they turn their energy toward, but you can’t deny that they’re capable of mustering an awful, awful lot of it. ._. So, yeah…if the contents of that can are up to the claim on it*, they could be much more than just a match for Latho’s ultra-concentrated coffee…

More on Thursday.

*And since this is fiction, that might actually be the case. Unlike in real life, where “Monster Energy” delivers little more than the mere impression of increased energy, and a decidedly non-monstrous amount of that. >_>

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