Tria(magdo)ssic Park – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 4

Mr. Hammond, perhaps your scientists should be less preoccupied with whether they can, and more with whether you are out of your freaking mind (or not, but that’s unlikely). >_>

For the record, this isn’t intended to foreshadow the next chapter, even if I did at one point consider a parody of the Jurassic Park franchise as a possibility. Instead it is only intended to send off Tiagmagdor with some style. It was a marvelous beast it its way, and it ended up getting far less screentime than was allotted in earlier versions of the script (which made the effort that went into creating the 3D-model, simple as it is, rather wasteful). Fare thee well, and don’t let your short-lived fame get to any of your heads. Particularly not the green one.

In John Hammond’s defense, Tiamagdor does look like something that belongs into an amusement park, especially into one that’s geared towards a young audience. The funny proportions and bright, primary colors would make him the ideal main attraction for something like that, and a great template for all kinds of merchandise. Fortunately, for all of you and the world at large, I don’t have a team of geneticists working for me, so there’s no danger I could act on these convictions.*

More on Thursday.

* Although Dr. Ian Malcom, with his rather pedestrian understanding of chaos theory, would probably wish to insist that I can’t know that. >_>

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