Ummmmmm? – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 63

We still don’t officially know what DM was trying to achieve when he threw all of that fandom-fight-fuel onto the lightly smoldering confrontation, but we’re beginning to see the things he’s been achieving with it: Mostly, that keeping score has become a lot more hectic for him.

But that obviously can’t have been his main objective, can it? And he does notice, with assumed approval, another nascent development. Unfortunately the exact context of that will have to remain undisclosed for the moment. Which is why I’ll have to keep my comments uncharacteristically short on this particular strip…

As for DM’s remark in the final panel: He was only speaking figuratively, of course. It doesn’t really do that. It’s no longer connected to anybody, so how could it?

And, yeah, the sound engineer has been re-using the fighting sounds from Chapter 5. They probably cost 2-3 bucks, so how could he have gotten away with using them only once one dozen times?

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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