Huuuuuuuh?* – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 64

And here we are at the point that demonstrates the difference between a good villain, and an excellent one. A good villain knows exactly what to say at the moment he stabs the heroes into their backs…and how maniacally to laugh during it. But an excellent villain also considers the visuals. DM…kinda failed to do that.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with metaphorically waving your dick around in such a moment of the betrayal of good and triumph of evil – in fact, it’s exactly that what the situation calls for. But “metaphorically” is important. There are few villains who could actually wave around their dick in that situation and look good doing it. And there are probably none who could wave around someone else’s dick without looking inappropriately silly for such a moment of evil ascendant.

I’m sorry, but even with DM’s gloating speech being precisely on point, I can’t rate him higher than 7.5/10 for the performance as a whole, due to the unfortunate optics. >_>

Oh, and yeah. DM is a villain, quite obviously so. We don’t yet know anything about the background of that, or his motivations, but his gloating speech and evil laughter are clues that just can’t be misread. And I just realize that I passed up the perfect opportunity to start this comment off with the timeless words “It’s the most shocking swerve EVER!” Too bad, but the optics kinda distracted me… >_>

How will our foolish heroes react to the realization that they have been…foolish? How will DM react to the realization that he’s been looking silly? How will the plot react to the most shocking swerve EVER? … more on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* I’m really on a run with that style of headlines, aren’t I?

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