You Make Me Not Feel Like Dancing – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 65

Yeah, who doesn’t know that feeling? One moment you’re in a pretty good mood, because you’ve just successfully back-stabbed a large and annoying bunch of naive and self-righteous do-gooders and completed the grand plan the forces of evil have been patiently working on for centuries…and then somebody points out to you how you silly you look, standing on an alter of the Dark Gods and waving a set of disembodied genitals around.

And then you realize that the final little step you’ve got to do next, the dance of summoning, requires you to hold up the artifact of summoning while going through a long series of wild, gyrating motions.

And now you can no longer not think about how that’ll look to outside observers, and suddenly you’re back to being that adolescent little gnome who had to give a presentation in front of the whole class at the school of evil wizardry after spilling your orange juice on the crotch of your robes at lunch. DM still thinks about that incident a lot, it’s a key part of his personal “dark place” he mentally visits when he needs to reestablish his evil outlook on life.

And, yeah, there is a Council of Wizardly Style and Dignity. As you can easily guess from the way most wizards dress and behave, their rules are really lax, so it’s not easy to run afoul of them. But DM might just manage to do it, if he isn’t careful…

More on Thursday. Perhaps you should follow DM’s example, and start bracing yourselves. >_>

2 Replies to “You Make Me Not Feel Like Dancing – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 65”

  1. I think if your plan includes the step of getting a mcguffin called *** of something, you should already throw your dignity out of the window.

    1. Well, if you think about it, it’s actually ridiculous enough when it concerns the Hand of Vecna. Using a different body part only makes it that much more obvious how weird it is to go questing for mummified bits of necromancer. XD

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