Volunteer Wanting. – Chapter 2, Strip 91

Professor Dr. is a very responsible scientist, so he would never use a new invention on any human being without first testing it on another human being (he is strongly against any kind of animal testing). The moral issue underlying that is, of course, the fact that his test subjects are volunteers, putting their lives on the line for the greater good of humanity. Being a true humanist, however, the Professor is deeply convinced that every human being has the potential to act in an altruistic fashion when the situation calls for it. And he believes that the advancement of science is an issue of such vast importance that it always calls on everyone to do his utmost. Consequently, he would consider it outrightly rude to actually ask his subjects for their consent beforehand – by doubting their willingness to have humanity advance over their dead, cold bodies, he would practically be casting a slur on their characters.

By that line of thinking, Snuka should consider it a compliment that Professor Dr. would ‘volunteer’ him like that, as it shows he thinks rather highly of Snuka’s character. (And, boy, doesn’t that require a truckload of the milk of human kindness.) And Snuka *has* been through all of it before, so Professor Dr. considered the risks to be quite manageable, really. Actually, the only real problem for Snuka lies in the fact that Professor Dr. considers spontaneous mutation a boon, rather than a risk…

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