Well, he’s used to it, at least. – Chapter 2, Strip 366

Fangirls assure me that it’s completely inconceivable that Sephiroth’s last word could be any other but “Cloud”. They’ve also told me that the expression that goes with it should either be one of fond recollection or regret at things never said. I went for ‘pouty’, instead…I think that’s interpretable in any number of ways.

I do admit that descending darkness has much more of a literary tradition behind it than descending whitness – that’s part of the reason why I went with white. If I had gone for darkness, Sephy would have started reciting every single one of his angsty emo poems at this point, and the strip would have ended up at several feet in length. ._.

And, yeah – if you’ve ever wondered why the Masamune is so darn long, that’s the reason. It’s an Emo safety blade consciously designed much too unwieldy to cut your own wrists. Back when Sephy had a short katana, he’d cut himself over slight changes in weather. ._.

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