What you miss when looking back – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 25

Now, you might think that Mopey is only taking a wild stab there in panel one…especially since she likes taking wild stabs, particularly into the general direction of Biff, and preferably while holding something sharp and painful…well, anyway. Mopey isn’t taking some wild stab in panel one, there is, in fact, a considerable body of evidence to support the idea that awareness of a given issue is considerably higher among internationally renowned experts on that issue than in the populace at large. This holds true for a wide variety of issues, also the effect seems less robust the more awareness of the issue in question approaches 100 % of the general populace. There are various theories regarding the cause of the effect, but a plurality of experts seems to agree that spending large amounts of time studying a given subject positively correlates with awareness of it. I, for one, am baffled.

Gregory, for a different one, is not baffled at all – he cuts to the heart, or rather to the brain, of the problem right away. He’s uncannily perceptive, that way.

Fortunately, our friends did not leave Arulco empty-handed despite this set-back – if they achieved nothing* else, at least they now know the identity of their enemy. Unfortunately, that pivotal turn of events was cut to make room for a flashback showing Professor Ufoiakis being brain-washed by Dr. Kobras. But that’s really not much of a problem, the pivotal scene can simply be reviewed as another flashback. I’m just hoping that the scene cut to make room for the new flashback wasn’t important itself, otherwise we’ll still not have made any net progress.

More on Thursday.

* I mean, if you don’t count causing the self-imolation of the local Civil Aviation Authority.

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