A shocking revelation (XXIV)! – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 26

RIP, Professor Ufoiakis, your sacrifice will not have been in vain. Though you are gone, your dying words have been of immense value to the cause. For now our friends finally know the identity of their opponents. Or at the very least, they have their suspicions confirmed – for the Professor always suspected the truth. He’s been eyeing Uranus suscpiciously for some time now – everything seems to point at Uranus.

Having a regular cast of actors to work with on movie after movie has massive advantages for a B-movie producer. If you get a fresh cast for every single movie, you have to shoot every single scene anew – even those scenes which the underpaid scriptwriter simply lifted from an earlier script and spliced into the new one with little, if any, alteration. Even the stock scenes the underpaid scriptwriter uses in every single movie. A producer’s heart bleeds at that needless effort and especially needless expenditure.

But it all changes if you have a regular ensemble of actors to work with – in that case, you can often use recycles footage from an earlier movie for a likewise recycled scene. As long as all the details match reasonably, nobody will notice. If the details don’t match reasonably…well, you’re still saving a lot of money, even if a few, supernaturally perceptive audience member might notice…faintly, like out of the corner of an eye…that there are a few details that are off in just the slightest of ways.

In cases where the details match, however, the effect is quite uncanny! Take Professor Ufoiakis’ death scene, for example. Would you believe that it is actually 98% recycled material, with just a little bit overdubbed in places? It’s true! The illusion is nearly complete…but if you pay very, very careful attention you might notice a little detail where they really slipped up.

Can you see it? I’ll give you a bit of time.

Yeah, that’s exactly right! The nazi mural to the right of panel six. In Professor Ufoiakis’ UFO museum, the nazi mural was at the other side of the souvenir shop.

More on Monday.

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