Wrong choice of drink. – Chapter 2, Strip 201

Some things money can’t buy – for the rest there’s V.A.T.

If you’d rather not risk being remembered for unintentionally ironic last words, here’s a recipe for preparing a zombie in the safety and comfort of your own home:*


45 ml Bar mix (lime juice and sugar syrup) 45 ml Orange juice 30 ml Light rum 15 ml Creme de Almond 15 ml Curacao 15 ml 151 proof rum

Shake all ingredients excluding 151 proof rum with ice, then strain into glass over ice cubes. Float 151 proof rum on top, add a cherry.

The model for panel one in this episode was supplied by: Uh, the back of a cereal box. I think that adds a lot of B-movie authenticity.

Panel three is also based on a hallowed B-movie tradition – a meta-omen of death. Whenever a character in a B-movie goes down the stairs to a cellar, there are only two possible scenarios: A. The light bulb is working. The character will return safely. B. The light bulb is dead. The character will soon join it.

That’s it for today (save for a new, kaiju-themed voting incentive). More on Thursday.

*Disclaimer: Assumes the pre-existence of a safe and comfortable home. Drink as such does not improve safety and comfort of your home, although it might help you forget about the lack of it.

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