Zombie on Tour. – Chapter 2, Strip 166

I thought it was time for a quick update on what the Sheriff’s been up to. As it turns out, he has actually managed to correctly identify and eliminate a zombie! Just goes to show that even the Sheriff can catch a clue every now and then, on the condition that it’s spelled out clearly somewhere.

You might think this is a case of a tragic misunderstanding…but, realistically, the Sheriff would have shot that guy in any case – he allows only Western or Country singers into Lillytown, all other types of music are forcefully discouraged. For the children.

The whole incident also clearly demonstrates that the Sheriff *can* be quite rational – especially when the issue at hand is rationalizing his lack of activity. In his defense, rules-of-thumb like “a criminal will always return to the scene of the crime” constituted state-of-the-art law enforcement science, at one point in time…around 130 years ago. And people still wonder why they never caught Jack the Ripper…

Back to our heroes on Monday. Today’s voting incentive features Batman – sorta.

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