Blade of Biffo. – Chapter 2, Strip 159

Well, I’m just trying to keep up with trends – I’ve noted how swords keep getting bigger and more ornamented year after year, especially around videogames. Biff is prone to suffer from size-related self-esteem issues, so I had to make sure that he feels at least as well equipped as all the Japanese junior high kids running around with Claymore-sized blades.

Encumbrance isn’t much of an issue, anymore…with the newest generation of fictional swords, it seems nobody any longer bothers with even trying to make carrying them around in the least plausible. They are never seen, and just conjured up from thin air when the need arises … saves a lot of animation effort, too.

Castle Jockskull lies pretty close to Castle Gothskull, but the inhabitants of the two castles don’t usually get along all that well.

A new voting incentive is up, as well, this one basically drew itself. More on Thursday.

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