Hello Mopey. – Chapter 2, Strip 158

My, my, who would’ve thought Snuka could be that sentimental? Nobody expected the ‘senti’ part, at least, although some might have seen the ‘mental’ coming.

Mopey pays a little homage to her favourite barbarian in panel one, which should also help you envision the (omitted) scenes of carnage. Her swordmanship is very elegant, by the way – for those of you who want to learn, I’ve indicated her sheathing movements in panel two. Might not be easy to get right on the first try.

As far as the sudden precepitation in panel three is concerned, well, when the second scene for that stop trick was shot, there just wasn’t enough time to wait for better weather. Time is money, after all.

After Snuka had calmed down somewhat, he did think of the marketing potential, and panel six shows what the two of them finally came up with. I think it’s highly commendable, unfortunate as the circumstances might be, not to let things go to waste…and it’s a nice gift, too. Head over to the shop to order your own. Ashtrays, in general, are at the very bottom of the handmade gift pyramid – everything you try to make, and fail to turn into something better, turns into an ashtry by default.

Today’s voting incentive also features some smoking, but of the healthy kind. On Monday, we’ll reveal the secret of Mopey’s sword!

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