Blue Blues. – Chapter 2, Strip 52

In case you haven’t yet seen the trailer for the upcoming ‘Smurfs’ live-action movie, it can be found here. (In smurf you smurfn’t yet smurfed the smurf for the smurfing ‘Smurfs’ smurf-smurftion smurf, it smurf smurf smurf smurf.) As you can see, Lee sacrificed his smooth pinkness for a worthy product, at least.

Looking at the finished strip again, I do realize that the car door effect wouldn’t actually have required bluescreening to pull off. A cable would have been a viable, low-tech alternative. Ah, well, at least it gave Lee the opportunity to show off his rod, that can’t hurt while he’s looking for a girlfriend.

Blue- blindness is far less common than red/green colour blindness, but it does exist. It’s also sometimes called blue/yellow blindness, but that would have sounded racist in connection to Lee. XD The free test is legit, by the way, so should you be unable to see the number…well, it would explain why you got sacked by IBM – your ‘good blue suit’ could actually be pink. Which would also explain why you only got that kind of offers when you wore it in that bar that one time… And I just realized, if you are really blue-blind, today’s episode probably didn’t make much sense to you.

Don’t worry, though, Monday’s episode will be completely grayscale again, and can thus be enjoyed regardless of any colour vision defects. I mean, I can not guarantee you’ll enjoy it, but if you don’t, it wont be for that reason. Aside from that, it will feature our heroes setting out in pursuit of Snuka, who, at the moment, can not be seen even with perfect vision. Please vote.

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