Driven by Necessity. – Chapter 2, Strip 53

The riksha is just a little souvenir from Professor Griffon’s study days in Shanghai, where he studied mad science under Fu Manchu. He really doesn’t use it that often, anymore – he has no chauffeur, and found out that operating the vehicle himself does not compare favourably with walking.

I guess Biff should be happy he gets to be somewhat useful after all this time, yet, judged by his face in panel 5, he doesn’t seem to entirely enjoy the experience. Being the ‘assigned driver’ always sucks, in his opinion, but getting your car stolen makes it just that much more of a drag. Literally.

I know that Army ammunition dumps are usually not advertised with large signs next to the road, so let’s file that under ‘B-movie license’.

A new voting incentive is up, this time truly B-movie themed. Not a B-movie that exists, admittedly, but one that should. 😛 On Thursday, another ‘peek behind the scenes’.

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