But you said: Test and experiment! – Chapter 2, Strip 50

Another verse from the unsung hymn of those guys behind the scenes at Hollywood. Kinda explains why that hymn is usually left unsung, doesn’t it? Just always remember that behind all the things that appear so easy and effortless on-screen, there’s usually a lot of blood, sweat and tears in reality. The sweat being George’s, mostly (he could stand to lose a few pounds), and the blood and tears Lee’s.

On a disclaimery sort of note, the thing with the power plant and the grappling hook is a monumentally bad idea in real life, and would put George up in the running for a Darwin Award. The only reason he can survive this in the context of the strip is the spiritual bond he has formed with Lee, who attracts all the bad luck away from him like a lightning rod. In answer to Lee’s question in pane 6, I’m not sure what it is about Lee and fate, either…perhaps he pissed (sorry, ‘micturied’) on a dragon’s egg as a toddler, or something similarly inauspicious.

Normally, a ‘fade to invisibility’ effect would have to be done with double exposure, but Lee’s contract has a clause against nekkid scenes. groan I know, I know, my puns keep getting worse…

But no more hold-ups now, on Monday, Snuka’s invisible reign of terror begins! Well, actually, ‘invisible reign’ doesn’t sound like anybody would notice it…let’s better call it ‘Snuka’s reign of invisible terror’. But then, ‘invisible terror’ also sounds rather ineffective…OK, so it’s ‘Invisible Snuka’s reign of terror’.

A new voting incentive went up a bit earlier today. This one is a single comic page I found amongst some older files of mine, and boy, did it make me ‘WTF?’ much. The file is dated August 1st, 2004 – so now I finally have an idea at which time precisely I started to lose my mind. o_O;

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