Disappearing act-or. – Chapter 2, Strip 49

New fanart, Yay! This one is of Professor Doctor, in a great ‘bobblehead’ style, and by Josh Rodgers of Captain Mushface – remember, the ‘B’ in ‘B-movie’ is for ‘brains’. Sometimes.

OOOops. Seems like Professor Doctor could not resist the cat ears. And now the whole world will have to pay the price for his weakness. Just like back then, when he allowed himself to get railroaded into joining the Manhattan Project.

As regards Snuka’s little fantasy involving his ashes… Do you think there’d be a market for that? *reserves domain*

The stuff behind Snuka is pseudo-technical equipment, 50ies vintage. Back then, a typical B-movie propmaster usually just took a piece of wood, covered it in aluminum foil, and attached various nonsensical dials, levers, wires, wheels and sparkly things to the front. Mostly raided from a kitchen appliance drawer. Funnily enough, while modern science fiction props appear far more sleek and polished, they are, at heart, just as nonsensical and random as anything Ed Wood might have scraped together. In this case, it’s main function is just giving Snuka something dark to disappear against, anyway.

Panel 6 is just another indication how long, exactly, the Prof. already has been using telephones. (And to whom he subscribed, at first.) XD

Before Snuka gets to start his, potentially world-shattering, invisible rampage, Thursday’s update will feature a look at how the stunning visual effects in this one were created. Please vote.

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