Chain of memories – Chapter 2, Strip 376

Well, I said I wanted to get the Professor some professional help with his memories, and it was easier than I expected.

At first, I thought it would be near-impossible to find suitable help, since my requirements were very specific: a witch capable of working with and restoring disordered memories, with experience in dealing with patients whose past has been affected by furious ret-conning and general making-up-the-plot-as-we-go. Must be able to work from a completely white room with near-invisible furniture. Crayons from the dollar-and-dime are the only art supplies available. Memories created must fit the available footage – coherence not required. I got a call within minutes of placing the classified. O_o Must be a though job market in that field.

Don’t worry, though – it won’t take a year to doodle up a new past for the Professor, and he wouldn’t grow out of his clothes, anyway. More on Monday.

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