Close, but no cigar – Chapter 2, Strip 377

Arrgh. I guess I had that coming to me for working with a temp on such a sensitive project. It’s not like she didn’t manage to get the Professor’s memories sorted out and ordered, but I can’t fail to notice a slight OOC touch in a few of them…almost like she couldn’t get her own mind of certain things, herself.

And not taking the time to check her background properly – turns out Namine played the same kind of games with her last two employers, and got in trouble both times. Nothing is worse than a mental manipulator with a mind of her own. I think I’ll suffer a memory lapse myself now, and ‘forget’ to write her a cheque. Or at the very least subtract the cost of cleaning the walls in the white room, which she has doodled full of Aku/Roku stuff in crayon. >_> Sigh.

Anyway, for anybody interested, the original versions of the Professor’s manipulated memories are here, here and here. Coincidentally, one of those memories had already been manipulated in Snuka’s mind, as well. That happened here.

More on Thursday.

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