Dining with the Dead – Chapter 2, Strip 6

Well, as a Goth, Mopey just has the slightest of soft spots for corpses. After all, corpses are people, too…well, used to be people, at least. You catch my drift. So just because people are dead, there’s no need to hurt their feelings – Be nice to a corpse today! (“Good morning! You’re looking particularly dead today!”)

Snuka, as you can see, is still confused by the idiosyncrasies of fashion in his new surroundings. One thing that particularly bewilders him is this: Why are you supposed to ste…uh, GET a pair of expensive brand-name sneakers and then wear trousers so baggy that nobody can see your feet?

I spared no expenses in the production of this strip, and went to the effort of actually getting a piece of cake and a sandwich as models. This was just for realism’s sake, I swear – how can you even think I’d have any ,uhm, ulterior motives?

Yes, their are traditional Chinese sayings to fit nearly any conceivable situation. For emergencies, there are also a couple of catch-all sayings that are so confusing that they fit any situation anyway. ‘Master Kong says: If a dog barks three times, three times is how often it barks.’ or ‘Master Kong says: The higher the Celestial dragon flies, the longer its tail will get.’ They don’t really mean anything, but if you utter them with the right air of wisdom and enlightenment, people will think they contain some deep, hidden meaning.

And, for a change, some happy news: I’ve got my net access back! … Unfortunately, in the process of installing it, I broke my scanner…which is also the reason why the ‘look behind the scenes’ originally planned for today will have to be postponed for a while. >Sigh< You never get anything without losing something else, it seems...

Continuity fault: in panels 1-3, the dead girl has the fork in her right hand, in panel 4 it’s in her left. Thanks for reading. Please vote for me, as well, and come back on Monday, when you’ll get a glimpse at how fast Snuka has built up his reputation …

Title: Dining with the Dead

Text: Actually, breakfasting with the Dead would be more precise, but then there wouldn’t be any alliteration in the title.

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