Final Stages… – Chapter 2, Strip 289

I know, it’s a bit of an anticlimactic end to the big fight, but can your really blame Bishounenly Enemy #1? Don’t you ever have one of those days? You know, one of those days where you transform into a weird half-bodied, cyborg, multi-winged angel/cloud thing and use an attack that leisurely destroys four whole planets while merely on the way to its target – and then the attack ends up doing a miserly 4000 pts of damage or misses entirely? If you’ve ever had one of those days, you’d know that the only thing that helps is listening to some emo and writing some dark, deep poetry in your journal…

Normally, of course, Bishenemy1 would have to be martyred at the end…I guess that’s the whole point of his attacks being so immeasurably less impressive in their effects than in their looks. But I decided to forgo such a depressing conclusion, and instead reveal his fourth, final, and never before seen super-ultimate form. And now you know why he tries to keep it secret…

With Chibified Enemy #1 finally out of the way, our heroes are free to press on toward their destination! More on Thursday.

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