Fire and Eyes. – Chapter 2, Strip 238

Just like Snuka, Lee himself actually *has* eyes, but reserves their use for emergencies – a desperate measure for desperate situations. It does work perfectly on George, but Lee realizes he has to restrain himself – if he uses this trick to often, it might lose its effectiveness, and that might someday leave him defenseless against some stunt with an accumulated fatality risk of upwards of 100%. (He hates those.)

And he can be quite happy with the outcome – when I originally wrote this strip, I did consider various alternative endings…most of which would have been rather painful. And I created this strip a couple of months ago, originally, as you could easily deduce from the dialog – nowadays, the gasoline would have been more expensive than the CG effect in the first place. (Although George would likely have managed to find some other, cheaper stuff to set Lee on fire….)

I guess that’s all for today, more on Monday. Today’s new voting incentive is Star Wars themed.

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