The other mysterious silhouette. – Chapter 2, Strip 239

That’s the problem that arises when you don’t reveal your mysterious, silhouetted characters quickly enough after introduction – the next mysterious, silhouetted character might already be on their heels, and you could end up with a mountainside crawling in mysterious, silhouetted characters…and it could get very hard to even tell them apart.

There’s also an advantage, however, to keeping your mysterious, silhouetted characters mysterious and silhouetted for as long as possible…

…they are much easier to colour that way. *cough*

In keeping with hallowed B-movie tradition, I tried to make the mysterious, silhouetted characters easily identifiable, despite being mysterious and silhouetted…but I’m not sure if it worked, I guess it’s still pretty difficult to tell. I originally also had a different layout for this strip, which should have made it easier, but that didn’t work as intended. Well, no matter, after all those guys won’t stay silhouetted forever…

I couldn’t find out whether there actually is a mountain called ‘Silhouette mountain’ anywhere. ‘Shadow mountain’ seems to be a popular name, however, there seem to be several of those in the U.S. alone. How original.

Well, more on Thursday. (Don’t worry, I don’t mean ‘more mysterious, silhouetted characters’, however.) The new voting incentive for today is extra cute. =3

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