From the Annals of Flawed Designs – Chapter 2, Strip 279

Now, really…how does that Doctor do it? His main enemies suffer from genetic disorders that restrict them to the use of cumbersome, rather inefficient wheelchairs – how does he manage to be considered a hero just for being mean to disabled people? Admittedly…disabled people who want to conquer the universe, but still – at first they couldn’t even conquer stairs or boardwalks. By now they seem to be able to fly, yet somehow nobody seems to have realized that once you enable them to move upwards, you should at the same time enable them to look upwards, or there’ll likely be some sort of a problem. But then, what can you expect from a device created by Kojak’s assistant…

Anyway, with only a handful of hench-subjects left at his disposal, trying out something mechanical seemed like a worthwhile idea…too bad that the local topography didn’t really encourage it. Now if the whole thing had happened on a wide, vast plain made from conductive metal, it all would have turned out very differently. Note, however, how our villain at least remembered to put on a topical beard…and Klytoris uses a topical stock phrase – in B-movies, there’s one thing you can count on: When a henchman says “I/we/he/she/it/they/them there won’t dissappoint you!”, he/she/it/they/them there will. It’s like a self-non-fulfilling prophesy…

(Note, also, how our villains seems to suffer from heroism envy, a common motivation for villainous behaviour…)

Well, more on Thursday – perhaps there might yet be one or two useful henchmen hiding near the bottom of that barrel. A new voting incentive is up, as well.

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