GAP 2.0 – Goth Appearance Protocol – Chapter 2, Strip 26

Here we have another example of the fine line separating true goth from poser. Mopey, a fully qualified professional goth with a degree in spreading dread, despair and depression, knows how important appearances are. Not only the appearance you give, but also the appearances you make: a poser goth might just open his front door quite slowly and lurch out onto the porch when called – Mopey knows that the proper way to do it is appearing as a solidifying shade out of the night fog. If it happens to be noon, well, that’s just a bit more difficult, but life is pain, anyway. If it happens to be night, all the better, then you can invest the extra effort in some lightning and thunder.

If she didn’t happen to be friends with Snuka, not only would she have included the wisps and wolves, she would also not have said ‘Hi, Snuka’ but something more along the lines of ‘Greeted be, mortal soul…’ in an unearthly voice.

On the subject of me being lazy, I did NOT just copy/paste Snuka for panels 3-5. If you look closely, you’ll see that his trousers are slowly sagging. How’s that for realism?

There’s not much else to remark on this strip…on Monday, the rest of the team will join Snuka and Mopey, and the manhunt will be finally on. A new voting incentive is going up today, Harry Potter-themed, but based on one of the older books.

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