Lego’d! – Chapter 2, Strip 59

And so now you know how computer game graphics are really done on the silver screen – Lego. Or, as George is fond of calling them, ‘real life pixels’. I wont even explain what they do to the actors to make them ‘sprite-like’.

Now George Geekish is somebody who *really* enjoys his work. Working on a B-production means never having quite the amount of money you’d need to get it right, but it leaves him a lot of artistic liberty. Too bad that Lee doesn’t get to enjoy George’s work quite that much most of the time.

The panel four screen-grab is of Maniac Mansion, of course, and the key is under the doormat, but I’ll give no other hints.

On the technical side, this is the most ‘mixed-media’ BMC strip ever…there’s computer game screen grabs, sprite art, a photograph, and a rendered scene. Plus conventional comic art. No wonder this ended up a total mess. XD

And there’s a new voting incentive, as well – Harry Potter summer special, with extra chibiness. No, I don’t really know why. On Thursday, it’s back to our ‘newly noir’ Sheriff.

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