Revenge of the Paperboy! – Chapter 2, Strip 58

Ah, yes, good old Paperboy. I wouldn’t really go as far as to call that game ‘dated’. ‘Neolithic’ is more like it. It’s difficult to describe the appeal games like that held back in their heyday, but they were considered electronic entertainment. Nowadays I can’t even quite remember what was supposed to be entertaining about them… And in a generation or two, it’ll be even more difficult to explain: ‘Look here, little Timmy, that is what was considered a computer game in my youth. Don’t laugh, I’m serious! In this game you took the role of a paperboy…uh, you know back then there was that thing called a newspaper…kinda, yesterday’s news indiscriminately printed out on huge amounts of paper, and thrown onto your front porch. Don’t laugh, I’m serious!’

Anyway, it seems Snuka is still holding a bit of a grudge from his short tenure as ‘Junior Distribution Officer’ in the newspaper business. I guess he felt the relation between humiliation/effort and financial compensation in that position was not quite up to the standard he was used to as a pickpocket in Cairo. And, hey, it’s not like not every paperboy has at least once dreamt of that kind of revenge…

On panel two: I know that I got the lyrics a bit wrong. It started out as a typo, but I left it in because it’s somehow much funnier that way…

In next Monday’s update I’ll unveil how the stunning digital effects in this one were created – be very afraid. Please vote, nevertheless.

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