Preferences. – Chapter 2, Strip 97

Happy Holidays, everyone.

The Professor isn’t quite through with performing tests on Gregory, of course. As mentioned, he is very thorough in these matters. This time around, he tests Greg’s reaction to various things being shown on slides – there’s a pun hidden here, and a rather obvious indication as to what kind of being Gregory is at this moment.

I’d even say Professor Dr. has a definite suspicion by now, but, naturally, it’ll take a lot more testing to turn it into a reasonably established scientific fact – and he won’t go for any less. But then, he *is* a B-movie scientist – so he can always draw the most far-off, yet accurate, conclusions out of thin air, yet needs extensive experiments to re-establish what the audience noticed at first glance.

Fun fact: I drew this strip *precisely* a year ago – 12/25/2005. Well, the parts that are drawn, that is – the photographs are taken from Morguefile, once again. More on Thursday, very likely more experiments, I fear. =P Please vote.

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