Revival of Faith. – Chapter 2, Strip 154

As I had already alluded to, Father McKenzie’s part in this story isn’t quite over yet – despite his earlier attempt to run off to Hawaii. But a cleric who has lost his faith is rather depressing, in the long run, so I realized I would have to stage some sort of revival of faith for his benefit. I must admit, though, that my grasp of theology is far from comprehensive, even though I’ve seen “The Exorcist III” (partly, at least). Thus I did some online research, just to find out the current state and prospects on the issue – and was repeatedly assured that the entity depicted in panel six is, in all likelyhood, the future of faith. Part of that clear majority in favour of FSM might, however, stem from the fact that I made a typo in my Google query – I wanted to search for “a theist webforum”, not “atheist webforum”, but whatever.

A word on the backgrounds used in these panels: Father McKenzie is obviously based in a inflatable church. I think that that, in some way, might have contributed to the fraying of his faith – whereas a medieveal cathedral is a symbol of permanence and immutability, an inflatable church is just a temporary structure held up by hot air…

We will have to wait and see how Father McKenzie’s divine visitation will affect him. This was the last episode of this sub-chapter, come Monday, the final leg of this story-arc will (finally) begin. A new voting incentive is also up.

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