Ridding of the Sphinx – Chapter 2, Strip 309

Ah well, I thought there should at least be one really classic obstacle in our heroes’ path – plus, at the last moment I realized that I had forgotten to script any incident in which the Professor gets to use the Hadouken he acquired with such effort. While something like that wouldn’t be all that unusual in a B-movie, I still felt it would have been a waste.

Quite naturally, the Professor has little patience for the Sphinx and its time-honored riddle – after all, they have nothing on the kind of riddles the Prof can formulate himself, especially when it comes to exams. Exams in general are similar to the old legend of the sphinx, just that it’s usually not the riddler jumping of a cliff at the end, but rather the ridl?e.

The figure for the average airspeed of an unladen European swallow was taken from here, and the figure for the laden scenario was taken from the fact that the average coconut weighs about 30 times more than the average swallow (600 grams and 20 grams, respectively).

New Year’s special on Thursday!

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