Thanksgiving ’08 – Chapter 2, Strip 300


Admittedly, this special would almost have fitted Halloween better than Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t help thinking that the Professor would have to still have tons (literally) of Antimatter Space Buzzard meat around from last year. Of course, he couldn’t offer his guests warmed-over left-overs from last year for a Halloween feast – they’d certainly expect some fresh fare. But if you happen to be in the possession of the Frankenstein journals, and thus the secret of life and death, warmed-over left-overs and fresh meat are not necessarily mutually exclusive – just use the marvel of science (here symbolized in panel three by select excerpts from Universal’s legendary collection of pointless gadgetry) to resurrect some of those left-overs to new, artificial life, and you can serve the same space buzzard as fresh year after year after year.

And I guess none of our friends will mind too much, anyway – Biff has eaten worse, Snuka never could afford to cultivate pickishness, the Professor will appreciate it for the pioneering science and Mopey is going to enjoy the morbidity of it all. Nevertheless, I hope everyone else is going to enjoy some fresher food today. More on Monday.

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