The Obligatory RPG Episode. – Chapter 2, Strip 134

OK, perhaps it’s a tiny bit inappropriate, given how the World is about to be overrun by vengeful revenants, but, come on – it’s an unique opportunity for the Professor, Biff and Snuka. After all, how often do you get the chance to play a fantasy RPG under circumstances that allow you to claim it *is* relevant to real life? And it’s also a prudent financial move – if our friends make it through all of this alive, and manage to save the world, RPG companies will be offering fortunes for their endorsements later. “The game that saved us all!”

The first three panels mimic the style of a series of popular AD&D computer games from the eighties. Pedestrian as they might appear today, they were quite revolutionary for their time, not least because of their tactical combat system. I doubt their value as a tool for simulating actual encounters, but meeting a large horde of undead in those games inspired appropriate dread – the games would spend minutes making decisions for every single zombie every single turn…

“Advanced Drunkards & Dragqueens” is a very popular pen and paper RPG. It originally had a similar, but different name, but they then decided to give it a name more in tune with how people are playing, rather than how they are supposed to be playing…

The headquarters Mopey is calling in panel six is that of the Worldwide Female Conspiracy, but you probably already guessed that. Mopey is one of their most important field agents in the field of maturity research – her job is observing the Professor for any signs of having finally grown up. She also reports on Snuka and Biff, of course, but without much hope.

Today’s voting incentive is based on another news headline – one so baffling that I just had to use it. Drive safely, more on Monday.

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