The Sound of Music. – Chapter 2, Strip 273

Normally, you’d expect a video taken with a mobile phone to be low-resolution, shaky, and have poor, real-world lighting. Just like you’d expect a video provided by a security camera to be static and, usually, black-and-white. But if said video appears as a movie-within-a-movie in a B-movie, it is no longer bound by such mundane considerations: As insert in a B-movie, a security camera vid can feature rapid cuts and dramatic camera angles, including close-ups, and a mobile phone video can be high-quality and feature perfect lighting – and both can even feature soundtracks, without any logical explanation for the presence of a dramatic “dun-dun-duuun” when the night watchman on the security cam opens that one, meaningful door. (In fact, if you ever happen to work as a night watchman in real life, and you hear that dramatic “dun-dun-duuun” from nowhere just as you are about to open a door…uh, just don’t open it and go home. It’s a big company, they can afford some of their stuff getting stolen…)

Of course, those “dun-dun-duuun”s don’t really come from nowhere, in fact they are generally provided by the henchmen, whose training includes a special Alpenhorn segment for that very reason. Take note, however, that only henchmen play Alpenhorn – villains generally play only organ, and most usually Bach’s tocata and fugue in d-minor (BMV 565):

…I guess it’s just a megalomaniacal thing to play…

So now the villains grand master plan has been revealed after all the fanfare – and, like in 80% of cases, it just consists of going on doing what already failed several times before, just somehow more evily.

The Overlordcard mentioned in the strip is an advanced version of Mastercard, restricted to persons who actually are masters over something or other…

But even if the plan itself is not much of a surprise, our heroes have seen their adversary for the very first time – do you think they will note something…peculiar…about him? Find out on Thursday! A new voting incentive is also up.

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