Up, up and – almost – away. – Chapter 2, Strip 161

Now this is one the very few incidents were George Geekish’s talent for improvising elaborate effects on a budget backfired quite badly – creating that effect using the conventional approach would actually have been cheaper than the flight ticket for Lee to get back to the States. Especially since Lee had to be escorted onto the plane by policemen – he had repeatedly tried to escape and swim to China. There was a positive side-effect for him, though, since he was later hired for a taped testimonial on the risks involved with using condoms – for an abstinence-only sex education program.

The whole inflation effect can be rather effective, if pulled off properly – the death scene of the Milton Krest character in the James Bond movie “License to kill” was mainly responsible for that movie’s orginal “R” rating, and was cut before theatrical release to get down to “PG-13”. Of course, there are also more benign versions of that same effect.

Stay tuned for some more carnage on Thursday. Today’s voting incentive, by contrast, is non-violent, yet still potentially depressing.

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