Vultural Sensitivity – Chapter 2, Strip 307

Since the question actually came up on the forum, here’s how George pulls off all those tricks involving vulture, the unusually talented scavenger bird.

Not surprisingly, it involves grievieous bodily harm being inflicted on Lee. Actually, I’m beginning to doubt George’s motives, at times – they can’t afford a trained bird, but when it comes to dropping Lee from a great height, they can afford helicopters? Strange priorities indeed. I suspect George might be working toward a book deal – “The 100 most horribly gone wrong stunts in the history of movie-making”.

The zoo was grateful, though – their hyenas were getting lazy and overweight amd Lee provided them with a good work-out. The visitors liked the show, as well, but Lee declined an offer to make it a regular sunday matinee event – he needs time to heal, after all. He will come in on holidays and special occasions, though, and you can hire him and the hyenas for childrens’ birthdays and special events – he needs the money, after all.

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