What did you think he needed it for? – Chapter 2, Strip 322

Well, back then, Father John saw two routes to get to the 8 million dollars he needed – threaten his congregation with his own possible death, as Oral Roberts had done, or threaten them with their own possible deaths at the han…uh, arms of a giant robotic octopus. Knowing his congregation, he went with the second approach.

As far as the Professor is concerned, he’s blissfully unaware that any of his experiments could be used for any other than purely scientific uses, otherwise he’d never leave some of them at a brothel overnight. Especially back when he did a lot of work on vibration and damping. >_>

While there are a couple of eight-legged robots in existance, none that I currently know of really deserve the description of ‘robotic octopus’. The reason for this sorry state of affairs probably lies with the fact that robotics nation No. 1, Japan, sees octopusses as more of an culinary concern than as a model to be emulated in the pursuit of robots that can…uh, that are more useful for…well…robots that are…uh, more awesome than robots that don’t look like an octopus. So all they’ve come up with, up to now, is a robot that can make Takoyaki (octopus balls):

I’m sure that’ll change, though, as soon as more of the kids that grew up with Mega Man make it through engineering school…unless the kids that grew up with tentacle porn get there first. >_> More on Monday.

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